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The Bozrah Volunteer Fire Company is continuously seeking personnel interested in joining our team serving our growing community! We provide Fire Protection & Emergency Medical Services for the Town of Bozrah and surrounding communities. Our First Due response area covers over 20 square miles and includes Route 2, several bodies of water, two seasonal campgrounds, an industrial park and the villages of Fitchville, Leffingwell, and Gilman.


We operate out of a single station located in the North end of town and are equipped with a compliment of Fire Apparatus and equipment to mitigate almost any Emergency. The Bozrah Volunteer Fire Company consists of Firefighters, Emergency Medical Responders & Technicians, Fire Police, Cadets and auxiliary members. The department also trains and operates as a "R.I.T." team which is called to other towns for the critical task of the search and rescue of other firefighters who become distressed.


Are you  interested in joining a team in helping your community? Please call 860-887-9474 to speak with a member or visit the station in person at your convenience (239 Fitchville Road). Applicants ages 14-17 are asked to complete the Cadet application below, applicants 18 and older are directed towards the Regular application.


All training courses and personal protective equipment is funded fully by the Department.

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Membership Requirements

Applicants may reside up to one-mile outside the jurisdiction of the Bozrah Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., to be eligible for Active membership in the Bozrah Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. Applicants will also be required to submit to a criminal background check and physical. Applicants will be required to have a current physical.


Once your application, physical and favorable background investigation is received, your probationary membership will be presented before the membership at a regular monthly meeting for a vote into probationary status. Once on probationary status, new members are placed on probation not less than three (3) months and not more than twelve (12) months before being voted into the Bozrah Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., as an active member.


Prior to acceptance into full active status, all probationary members are required to successfully complete a course of training, determined by the Board of Chiefs.  EMS personnel shall remain as probationary members until successfully becoming state certified to at least the level of EMR.  If extenuating circumstances should occur, the Membership Committee may request (one) six-month extension of probationary status at a regular monthly meeting, subject to a majority vote. Upon completion of training, the Membership Committee shall review your performance and provided at least three (3) months have passed, and report to the body for action on the next month following said completion.

Regular Membership Application

Cadet Membership Application

Physical Form

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